About John Hamilton

John moved to Lewisham in 1958 and went to primary school in Hither Green, Catford and Grove Park. Secondary school at Crown Woods Comprehensive in Eltham.

Worked as computer programmer and active in politics in Liberal Party 1973/4.

Studied Maths at Exeter University becoming student union vice president and chair of Devon & Somerset Students Association.

Trained as an infant teacher. No work at the time so went to work in East Berlin as radio journalist and news reader at Radio Berlin International.

Returned to Britain where he converted a narrowboat to be a language school for English summer classes.

Came back to Lewisham to live with partner Kate in Telegraph Hill – two children – worked as childminder.

Started Strawberry Thieves Socialist Choir – new singers welcome. Started working as a self-employed heating engineer specialising in underfloor heating, hot water solar panels and boiler repairs. Still working and also installing heat pumps.

After 15 years campaigning with a local political party, Lewisham People Before Profit, John and some other party activists have now joined the Workers Party of Britain which offers socialists who want real change in Britain an alternative to the sham Labour Party, which has cut out references to socialism from its programme and expelled decent members on the pretext of anti-semitism.

To join the Workers Party just go to the website and sign up – minimum £5 per month subscription as we don’t have financial backing from Zionist millionaires like the Labour and Conservative parties!