My plan for Lewisham

Labour has ruined Lewisham over the past 30 years. Labour is full of obedient careerists who do what Keir Starmer orders. Don’t waste the chance to make Lewisham better: vote for John Hamilton – vote for real change.

We don’t need more of the same old clique running Lewisham down.

If elected I will:

  • Refuse the salary of around £80,000 and do the job for the average Lewisham wage.

  • Re-open all the libraries, community centres, youth clubs and under 5s playclubs which have been closed by Labour.

  • Set up a direct works team to build the new council houses we need – stop letting developers build tower blocks with flats sold to foreign landlords.

  • Take school meals, parks maintenance and road-works back “in-house” instead of letting private companies pay low wages to staff on short-term contracts.

  • Restore the speed limit to 30mph on main roads. Remove humps and other traffic obstacles which are dangerous for cyclists. Ensure traffic can flow freely instead of causing more pollution and traffic jams.

I will finance the restoration of services by:

  • Cancelling the disastrous, financially crippling PFI contracts for schools, street-lighting and housing maintenance.

  • Ending the use of overpaid outside consultants.

We need someone bold enough to stand up to the senior council officers and their friends, the developers and multinationals.

A glance at the videos of past campaigns will show you that John Hamilton has that courage and determination.

As Mayor, I will call a referendum on abolishing the all-powerful executive Mayoral system and returning to the old committee structure where all councillors have a say. If I am not elected, the Bring Back Democracy campaign will aim to collect 10,000 signatures from voters to force a referendum next year.