All decent people must be shocked at the inhuman treatment of Palestinians by the extreme Zionist government in Israel.

Please join the local and national demonstrations against this wanton murder.

Sunak and Shapps are war criminals – aiding genocide by supplying weapons.
Cameron and Starmer are willing accomplices.

A vote for Labour or Conservative is a vote for genocide.

John made this placard on the way to a demonstration on 20th October. A sergeant with the Territorial Support Group (the Metropolitan Police’s heavy brigade) asked him to explain his placard. He did so, and said that the swastikas were not glorifying the Nazis and asked if it was therefore okay. The sergeant agreed that it was not a problem. John carried this placard on several more demonstrations until he was stopped again on 24th November and arrested, charged with incitement to cause racial or religious hatred.

He was taken to Hammersmith police station, told that the police wanted to “run it past the Crown Prosecution Service” and told that they might be unable to do that on that Saturday evening. He was held in a cell overnight and released after 23 hours in custody, with the CPS still not having given their decision. He is bailed to return on 24th February and is banned from carrying any placards on demonstrations or from having any swastikas in his possession.

When the statement for the Mayoral elections booklet was submitted to the council the police warned them about possible prosecution OF THE COUNCIL if they published the photo because the CPS were STILL INVESTIGATING WHETHER A CRIME HAD BEEN COMMITTED. John produced a version with the swastikas and Israeli symbols covered over and the police still didn’t approve it. They insisted that no words on the placard should be visible.

Is it right that police should interfere with freedom of speech during an election campaign?

John has supported the Palestinian cause for decades. He wrote this song in 2006 to highlight the differing ways war crimes are defined, dependent on who controls the narrative. Verse 4 text:

War Crime! Decades of War Crimes Is it a
War Crime to murder, bomb and maim?
Yes! They’ve seized the land of Palestine,
Behave like gangsters all the time.
Abducting civilians, bulldozing homes,
Shooting children for throwing stones.
Diverting water, ruining crops,
Will these war crimes ever stop?

Yes! But not while Israel exists as a state made for the chosen few
Where lives of Palestinian folk are worth much less than lives of Jews.
Peaceful co-existence is not possible with a country governed by war criminals.
Encouraged and financed by the United States, we need to bring to justice all who perpetrate

War Crimes there will be war crimes
Unless we take a stand and put these criminals on trial.

The following videos are just to provide information about the ongoing genocide in Gaza.